Happy New Year!

Create your future now!
Create your future now!

Create your future now! 

Happy New Year! Create your future now!

This time of year is always exciting: looking back on last year, recounting our successes, and where we may have failed; remembering places we visited and friends we made in our travels; spending time with family and friends, both old and new; and then getting to start fresh today, January 1, setting intentions for our hopes & desires in the New Year.

You create your future, now. Be present and take action today! Don’t obsess over the past, because it is in the past and you can’t change it. Declare what you want to do in 2016, and share that with your loved ones. Want to run a 5k? Great! Tell your peeps and then sign up for one! That’s right, go online and register for a 5k! It will get you out to train, and you will be on your way to making your 5k a reality!

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Wishing everyone a blessed, happy, healthy, & prosperous 2016! Xx

Mediterranean Diet for Heart Disease

Focus:  Mediterranean Diet for Heart Disease

trip 6Crete, Greece

June 15 – 21, 2015

  • A 7-Day focused immersion into THE Mediterranean diet and lifestyle
  • Designed to provide an overview of the culture, nature and cuisine of Crete, with an emphasis on cuisine in helping to maintain optimal health; food as medicine and prevention
  • Develop strategies to implement the Mediterranean lifestyle when returning home
  • Ideal for health care practitioners, people with a family history of heart disease, and those interested in the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle

Join us for an informative and exciting immersion on the magnificent isle of Crete. Our base is in the foothills near the Minoan Palace of Knossos, where olive oil and wine has been produced for over four thousand years.  This historic region is bustling with small-scale agricultural production in communities striving to sustain cherished traditions. We’ll visit resident specialists at their “field offices.” Over 20 teachers will present during this 9-Day Mediterranean Immersion.

Per Person Price:  $3,660 (Double Room) / Deposit per Person:  $500 due April 17, 2015. Full payment must be received by May 1, 2014.  All checks should be made to:  Focus43 LLC.  Space is limited to 20 Attendees.

For more details contact Jacque Tarlton: jacque@focus43llc.com or 786.351.3488


On-Site Tours:

  • Archaeological and Historic SitesBotanical Hikes,
  • Usage of Wild Plants in Cuisine and Medicine
  • Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Production Factory
  • Organic Vineyard and Winery
  • Organic Farms and Markets


[one-half last]


  • Cooking Classes by Pro Chefs and Traditional CooksDoctors
  • Nutritionists, Herbalists, Practitioners of Naturopathic Medicine
  • Holistic Health Agronomists-Eco Agriculture Experts and Ecologists
  • Community Sustainable Living Practices/Conservation
  • Sustainable Tourism Practitioners



trip 7trip 8


Organized by:

Nikki Rose – Professional Chef, Writer, Seminar Director Crete’s Culinary Sanctuaries Network an award-winning cultural-culinary education program


Jacque Tarlton – Founder, Focus43, Curator of Wellness Immersion Tours

[one-half last]

Workshop Teachers:

Manolis Avramakis, Botanist, University of Crete, Natural History Museum

Dr. Matina Chronopoulou, NaturopathVassilis Gkisakis, Agronomist, PhD, Agrobiodiversity

Dimitris Mavrakis, Chef-Proprietor, Kritamon Estiatorio

Dr. Yiorgos Spanakis, Neurologist, BRAINFITNESS

Elena Paravantes, RDN, Food and Nutrition Writer, Mediterranean Diet Consultant


Iceland…the antidepressant

Iceland…the antidepressant!

The Blue Lagoon waters stay around 100 degrees!

The Blue Lagoon waters stay around 100 degrees!

Did you know mental health issues, including depression, are the second leading cause of disability (after heart disease!)?! And, mental health problems are the leading cause of people filing for Social Security disability in the US. How interesting is it that depression is nearly non-existent in Iceland because of the foods the Icelanders ingest despite the fair amount of time they spend in continual darkness during their freezing winters?!?

Join Focus43 on an experiential journey to Iceland! We will learn about and taste all of the Icelandic delicacies that attribute to their happy living.  We will also tour many of the beautiful destinations in this lush island!

Contact us if you would like to immerse yourself in the Culture and Cuisine of Iceland!

Journey to Healthy Living

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