Top 5 Reasons to do Group Coaching

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Here are the TOP 5 REASONS to join a GROUP COACHING program:
1. A Personal Support System
Group coaching gives you the opportunity to share your feelings with others and develop deeper connections, making your sessions more meaningful. Knowing you are not alone in your journey will help you develop the confidence & motivation to address your challenges and succeed.
2. Higher Likelihood of Achieving Goals
You’re much more likely to stick to your gym routine if you have a gym buddy, right? The same holds true with group coaching. When individuals are part of a group, they procrastinate less, accomplish more, and reach their goals faster.
3. Benefit from Collective Wisdom
You’ll brainstorm solutions, open creativity channels, and uncover opportunities you may not have discovered working solo. Have you ever been in a study group where you’ve learned from a classmate who gets it? Other group members help you master new concepts like a por!
4. A Great Value
Get he same quality coaching, but at a fraction of the cost of individual coaching. Group coaching is a smart & affordable way to receive top-notch guidance.
5. A team Invested in Your Success
When you work in a group, the whole team celebrates your success. Just like when a hockey player scores a goal, resulting in a win for the entire team. In this case, no ice skates are required.

What are you waiting for? Register now! Group coaching starts June 6!!

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Sitting is the new smoking

Stand with me!So, I’m training for a bikini competition, which is keeping me dedicated to my fitness routine and eating healthy most of the time. However, there are many days that I end up coming home from the gym and sitting at my desk, working on my laptop most, if not ALL, of the day. Sitting. All day.

Dr.James Levine, Co-Director of the Mayo Clinic – Arizona State University Obesity Solutions Initiative and inventor of the treadmill desk, has been studying the adverse effects of our increasingly sedentary lifestyles for years and he summed up his findings in two sentences.

“Sitting is more dangerous than smoking, kills more people than HIV and is more treacherous than parachuting. We are sitting ourselves to death.”


All of that sitting is negating all of my training! If you are like me, and sit more than an hour at a time through out the day, there are several options to get you standing. There are a couple tracking devices that track your inactivity;  some devices remind you to stand every hour; there is a plethora of standing desks available; consider walking while talking on the phone; and try eating a meal at a high top table, while standing. Check out this cool infographic for more deets.

Make a #thursdate with me and stand up once/hour! And if you’re ready to take your health to the next level, click here to schedule a complimentary coaching consultation with me! XO

Suit Up and Show Up



This is a motto that I hear frequently in my twelve step program, and it came up today in my morning readings. It is very appropriate for where I am today.

I tend to take on a lot of stuff – I’m a yes person. Yes, I’ll do “this”, and yes, I’ll do “that”. And then I have no time for myself (or my family) and I end up overwhelmed. Instead of focusing on my overwhelmed feelings, I am writing a list of what I need to get done, and I am taking action and checking items off of my list. I am suiting up and showing up.

Today I am working on setting goals and coming up with a game plan for the first three months of the year, personally and professionally. I know I don’t have a huge attention span, so I am setting a timer and working on a specific project or task for anywhere between 15 min – 1 hour. I also scheduled in a yoga class and a twelve step meeting tonight.

By breaking down my ginormous list of sh*t I need to get done, and taking action/physically checking items off of my to-do list, I feel less overwhelmed and more productive. I am making phone calls and scheduling meetings that I have been putting off so that I am moving closer to my goals that I am setting for my business and myself.

This time of year can bring on a multitude of emotions. If you’re ready to suit up and show up and would like some guidance, please click here and schedule a discovery call with me!

Xx Coach FabulousJacqueT

6 Tips for Healthy Holidays!

We are smack in the middle of the holidays and salty, sugary, and fat laden foods & treats are everywhere! By being prepared, you can make it through the holidays without gaining an ounce!! Here are six simple tips to help you stay mindful during your holidays:

  1. Take a healthier version of your favorite holiday food to your parties and holiday get together’s. Since I follow a plant strong diet, I like to take dishes that don’t have any butter & cheese. That way, I know I will have some good food to eat, and others usually end up asking me for the recipe so they can make it at home! I loved this cauliflower mash with mushroom gravy!
  2. Make sure not to go to a party hungry and on an empty stomach! I’ve definitely learned my lesson there!! I like to eat an apple before going to dinners or a party. The fiber helps satiate you, so you avoid overindulging and feeling like crap the next day! ?
  3. Once you get to the party, focus on eating the whole foods and watch out for sauces, creams, fried foods, and desserts. Fruits, veggies, hummus, & nuts are healthier options than the cheese and crackers, meatballs, and fried ethnic foods.
  4. If you really want to try a calorie rich food, or something that you do not normally eat, take a small amount and have a bite or two. You don’t have to finish it.
  5. Eat slowly! It takes your brain about 20 minutes to recognize that you’re getting full. Enjoy conversations with your loved ones, while being mindful of the foods that you’re consuming.
  6. Get in a daily workout during the holidays to stay refreshed and energized! Don’t know what to do? There are plenty of free workouts on youtube and I personally love the BeachBody on Demand options!

I’d love to hear what your favorite tips and tricks are to stay mindful during the holidays!!

Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah!!

Love & light,

Coach Jacque


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