WTF 14 Day Challenge!

WTF 14 Day ChallengeThe state of the nation is SAD. Literally. The Standard American Diet (SAD) is a major cause of many of the chronic diseases that affect so many people’s lives. Do you know someone that has heart disease, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and/or auto immune diseases? One of the reasons these diseases are on the rise is because people are not getting enough fiber in their diet.

Did you know our gut microbiome is considered our second brain? It’s also referred to as the “forgotten organ”. That’s no bueno since 80% of our immune system is found in our gut microbiome! Why do I bring this up? Because the SAD (processed, sugary, and fatty, fried foods) kills the good bacteria, which then causes food cravings, inflammation, and can lead to chronic disease(s). So what foods are good for our microbiome? FIBER!

Fiber is found in fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, brans, whole grains, beans & legumes. If a fruit or vegetable has an edible skin, make sure to eat it because the skin contains a significant amount of fiberlicious deliciousness.

I have partnered with The Healthinista, Marzia Prince, and we have put together a 14 day challenge that focuses on increasing your fiber intake. We are both super passionate about making the world a healthier place, and having fun while we do it, so our WTF 14 Day Challenge is fun and gives you really good guidelines on how to increase your fiber intake. And when you buy the WTF 14 Day Challenge, you also receive our WTF Recipe Book!

The best part of the program? You get not one plant-based health coach, but TWO!! 14 days for $14. We have coached so many people to get off their diets and start a healthy lifestyle. Join the challenge by clicking here! And make sure to join our Facebook group: WTF Where’s the Fiber!

To Carb or Not to Carb: 6 Tips to Answer that Question!

Complex Carbs“I need to lose weight for my high school reunion” (or whatever event you have coming up). “Which diet should I do?” “I’ve lost weight on Atkins/Paleo/XXX, so I’m going to do that so I can lose XX pounds for the reunion”.

While it’s nice to have a specific goal in mind (losing weight for an upcoming event) I want you to think about choosing a diet that is sustainable. And I would also like you to think about making lifestyle changes versus going on a diet. So, to carb or not to carb? That is the question!

Did you know that carbohydrates are the primary energy source for your activities of daily living, let alone most exercise? And they are also required for proper brain function. So, we NEED carbohydrates. BUT, not all carbs are created equal.

Healthful complex carbs are found abundantly in fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole grains. Here are 6 questions you can ask yourself to see if the carb should be eaten or left alone:

Does it have an expiration date?
If you answer yes, this may be a viable option. Fruits and vegetables expire. Food in it’s natural state expire. That’s life, and that’s normal. Packaged foods (granola bars, candy bars, cookies, chips, etc) don’t expire. They have preservatives added to them, which in turn, you will ingest, and now you have in your body. And they are also usually higher in calories. Excess calories burden our health, and can lead to a plethora of chronic diseases. Pass on the food that doesn’t expire, or has a long date to expiration.

Does it have ingredients that you can’t pronounce?
If you can’t pronounce it, it’s best to stay away from it. It’s a chemical that is modifying a food substance. What can these chemicals do to your body? If you rarely ingest foods like this, your body can probably fight the harmful effects, but when these foods are consumed regularly, your body loses it’s ability to fight, which in turn can lead to chronic diseases. Skip foods that have ingredients you can’t pronounce.

Does it have ingredients that you don’t know what they are?
Read above. Would you tell a friend to do something, but you didn’t know what that something would do to him/her in the long run? Your body IS your friend. You want your body to continue working for you. Treat it with love and kindness. Skip foods that have ingredients that you don’t know what they are.

Does it come in a package?
Isn’t it interesting that fruits and veggies come perfectly packaged the way nature intended?! How about that for your carbon footprint! The most healthful foods come naturally prepackaged. It’s best to pass on the foods that come in packages/jars/fast food restaurants.

Does it have a food label?
Have you ever noticed that fruits & veggies don’t have a food label? Chances are, if a food item has a label, it has been processed in some way. It’s best to stick with foods that have gone through as little processing as possible! Refer to above questions and if it passes, then go ahead and consume.

Does it have more than 5 ingredients?
Have you heard the acronym “KISS”? Keep It Simple Sweetie (ok, i changed the last word). Keep the food you eat as close to it’s natural state as possible. So, if it has less than 5 ingredients, it may be ok. Refer to questions above and if it passes, then go ahead and have it! Conversely if it has more than 5 ingredients AND it passes the above question, it may be ok to consume. If not, pass!

If you found this post interesting, you may be interested in joining me for my Fab-U-Less Online 4-Week Weight Loss Program. Learn tips like this and many more!

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Sitting is the new smoking

Stand with me!So, I’m training for a bikini competition, which is keeping me dedicated to my fitness routine and eating healthy most of the time. However, there are many days that I end up coming home from the gym and sitting at my desk, working on my laptop most, if not ALL, of the day. Sitting. All day.

Dr.James Levine, Co-Director of the Mayo Clinic – Arizona State University Obesity Solutions Initiative and inventor of the treadmill desk, has been studying the adverse effects of our increasingly sedentary lifestyles for years and he summed up his findings in two sentences.

“Sitting is more dangerous than smoking, kills more people than HIV and is more treacherous than parachuting. We are sitting ourselves to death.”


All of that sitting is negating all of my training! If you are like me, and sit more than an hour at a time through out the day, there are several options to get you standing. There are a couple tracking devices that track your inactivity;  some devices remind you to stand every hour; there is a plethora of standing desks available; consider walking while talking on the phone; and try eating a meal at a high top table, while standing. Check out this cool infographic for more deets.

Make a #thursdate with me and stand up once/hour! And if you’re ready to take your health to the next level, click here to schedule a complimentary coaching consultation with me! XO

What do Vegan Month, Diabetes Month, & Alzheimer’s Month have in common?

asparagusNovember is World Vegan Month, American Diabetes Month, and National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. You know what else they all have in common? PLANTS. Eating more whole foods and plants can reverse (Type II) Diabetes, and may also improve Alzheimer’s symptoms.

What are whole foods? Foods that have one ingredient: apples, bananas, kale, spinach, sweet potatoes, beans, legumes, quinoa, almonds, etc. You get the point. Fruits, veggies, and REAL WHOLE FOODS from Mother Nature make up a whole food plant based diet.

What aren’t whole foods? Processed foods (deli meats, cheese, any food that comes in a package and has chemicals as ingredients), high sugar and high fat foods, refined sugar and refined white flour foods (soda, cakes, cookies, donuts, pasta, white bread, etc).

Here are five quick start tips to get you eating more plants:

  1. Add a fruit or veggie to your breakfast. Have you tried avocado toast? Holy deliciousness!
  2. If you haven’t ventured into the smoothie craze yet, check out this #GGS recipe! This packs in several servings of fruits and veggies in one amazing drink!
  3. For a crunchy delicious snack, try carrots, cucumbers and hummus!
  4. For a sweeter snack, grab a couple dates and a small handful of walnuts. #nomnom
  5. In honor of Halloween, how about a cup of warm pumpkin soup?!

I’d love to hear how you are incorporating more plants into your day. If you are interested in developing and sustaining health-promoting behaviors, contact me for a complimentary coaching consultation. Or, join me on my 21 Day Shape UP Challenge starting November 3!

Happy #WorldVegetarianDay!

PBNHC16Today is World Vegetarian Day, which kicks off Vegetarian Awareness Month. #VegetarianAwarenessMonth is served to inform others about the benefits of eating a vegetarian (or, my preferred terminology plant based) diet. My top 7 reasons for eating a whole foods plant based diet (WFPBD):

  1. Disease reversal. There is an inverse relationship with eating plant based foods and reversal of chronic diseases (including, but not limited to heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, and some cancers). The closer you get to 100% plant based, the more likely you can REVERSE disease. Watch Forks Over Knives for a great overview!
  2. Scientific Research Eating a WFPBD has been scientifically proven to change your biochemistry through food. Eating a WFPBD is “prompt, powerful, and it endures”, Dr Scott Stoll (International Plant Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference 2016)
  3. Hippocrates: Let food by thy medicine and medicine be they food. I rarely get sick because I’m eating so many nutrient dense foods (ie green leafy veggies, brightly colored fruits & veggies, oatmeal, quinoa, and brown rice). Many people following a plant based diet can decrease, or stop their medications, for their chronic disease!
  4. David Katz, MD: Add life to your years and years to your life. I had orthognatic surgery a few years ago, and I had to significantly modify the consistency of my diet for a couple weeks while I recovered. I was mainly consuming fruit & veggies that I juiced or blended into smoothies. I have never felt as good as I did then – I had increased energy (& I wasn’t drinking coffee!), dropped a few pounds, and I felt ah-maz-ing!
  5. Save health care dollars and help reduce the US government deficit. I heard a gentleman speak (from the CDC) several years ago and he stated the healthcare costs of Diabetes alone costs the US Government 3x the amount as the Iraqi war. Ouch! #eatmoreplants
  6. Save the world from Hunger. Check out this UN June 2010 report
  7. Mitigate environmental pollution from animal agriculture

Check out this great tool to assess how plant strong you are eating: 4Leaf Survey. What are you eating to celebrate #worldvegetarianday?! At a loss? Click here for some fabulous plant based recipes!

If you’re interested in improving your health through your foods, contact me for a complimentary coaching consultation!

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