August 11, 2016 Jacque Tarlton

3 Tips to Improve Relationships

badass chickI was recently on a panel where we discussed practical tips for improving and deepening interpersonal relationships. I would like to share 3 with you now:

  1. Be authentic. It is very important that you get to know yourself: what brings you joy? What are you passionate about? What motivates you? By knowing yourself and knowing what you like (and dislike), you can choose to connect with others that have similar interests. This type of connecting nurtures your relatedness with others, which strengthens interpersonal relationships!
  2. Practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is being fully present in this moment. It includes listening to others when they are talking, making eye contact, asking questions and listening to their answers/responses. It also includes authentically engaging with people you’re with. Next time you go to dinner with your family/friends/&/or business colleagues, try putting your phone away and really engaging in the dinner conversation. It makes a huge difference! The other night, my husband purposefully left his cell phone in the car when we went to dinner, so that he could fully participate in spending quality time with me. It was #awesomesauce!!
  3. Face your Fears. Isolation is a recurring theme I hear with my coaching clients and friends. It is usually due to fear. I encourage you to identify the fear, and give it a name. Often times, this will help decrease the amount of anxiety you have around the fear. After naming your fear, determine how you can work around it. Often times, breaking through fears leads to pretty amazing growth!

One of my biggest fears was people finding out that I am a recovering alcoholic. But when I decided I really like working with professional women in recovery, it was very clear that I needed to “come out” and share my story. Now, when people see me not drinking, I am facing that fear and telling people the truth. It is freeing to be authentic, and it generally inspires heart-centered conversations with the people I am with!

Also, keep in mind that joy is a more powerful motivator than fear. For example, making behavioral changes based on joy are more likely to stick and become habits (the joy of living vs fear of dying).

I would love to hear from you and what tips you may also find beneficial in improving and deepening relationships!

If you are interested in taking your health & wellness to the next level, I would love to work with you on that journey! I offer online coaching, and I coach clients worldwide!

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