Cultural & Cuisine Immersions are in destinations that have shown improved health or improved longevity based on their native lifestyle. For example, the Mediterranean Diet (which is really a lifestyle) is known for its health benefits for your heart, brain, and longevity, to name a few. Another example is Iceland. Iceland is an area where depression is nearly non-existent. This is in spite of the fact Icelanders spend a fair amount of time in continual darkness during their freezing winters. It is believed that their traditional diet is a major contributing factor in maintaining good mental health.

Focus of Cultural & Cuisine Immersions:
• Culture, nature, & cuisine in the specific destination
• Emphasis on cuisine in helping to maintain optimal health
• Learn to use food as medicine and prevention
• Active living through tours and excursions specific to each destination
• Cooking demos with Professional Chefs and traditional cooks
• Community sustainable living practices

Ideal for:
• Health professionals – Continuing Education may be available!
• FitFoodies &/or Health Enthusiasts
• University Study Abroad
• Executive Retreats



Journey to Healthy Living

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