July 2, 2014 Jacque Tarlton

Iceland…the antidepressant

Iceland…the antidepressant!

The Blue Lagoon waters stay around 100 degrees!

The Blue Lagoon waters stay around 100 degrees!

Did you know mental health issues, including depression, are the second leading cause of disability (after heart disease!)?! And, mental health problems are the leading cause of people filing for Social Security disability in the US. How interesting is it that depression is nearly non-existent in Iceland because of the foods the Icelanders ingest despite the fair amount of time they spend in continual darkness during their freezing winters?!?

Join Focus43 on an experiential journey to Iceland! We will learn about and taste all of the Icelandic delicacies that attribute to their happy living.  We will also tour many of the beautiful destinations in this lush island!

Contact us if you would like to immerse yourself in the Culture and Cuisine of Iceland!

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