What do Vegan Month, Diabetes Month, & Alzheimer’s Month have in common?

asparagusNovember is World Vegan Month, American Diabetes Month, and National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. You know what else they all have in common? PLANTS. Eating more whole foods and plants can reverse (Type II) Diabetes, and may also improve Alzheimer’s symptoms.

What are whole foods? Foods that have one ingredient: apples, bananas, kale, spinach, sweet potatoes, beans, legumes, quinoa, almonds, etc. You get the point. Fruits, veggies, and REAL WHOLE FOODS from Mother Nature make up a whole food plant based diet.

What aren’t whole foods? Processed foods (deli meats, cheese, any food that comes in a package and has chemicals as ingredients), high sugar and high fat foods, refined sugar and refined white flour foods (soda, cakes, cookies, donuts, pasta, white bread, etc).

Here are five quick start tips to get you eating more plants:

  1. Add a fruit or veggie to your breakfast. Have you tried avocado toast? Holy deliciousness!
  2. If you haven’t ventured into the smoothie craze yet, check out this #GGS recipe! This packs in several servings of fruits and veggies in one amazing drink!
  3. For a crunchy delicious snack, try carrots, cucumbers and hummus!
  4. For a sweeter snack, grab a couple dates and a small handful of walnuts. #nomnom
  5. In honor of Halloween, how about a cup of warm pumpkin soup?!

I’d love to hear how you are incorporating more plants into your day. If you are interested in developing and sustaining health-promoting behaviors, contact me for a complimentary coaching consultation. Or, join me on my 21 Day Shape UP Challenge starting November 3!

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